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[ Monday, May 29, 2006 ]

Invasion evasion
Starbuck [17:41] Comments: 0 []
Grumble. I patiently sit through 22 episodes of Invasion, only to find a real Summer Holiday of a cliff-hanger, and silence from Channel 4 about its future. Turns out that it hasn't been recommissioned for a second series.

I am slightly miffed. This was the V of a new generation, for Chris' sake.

Having said that, V started to taste pretty shitty once the flakes from the bottom of the barrel started to sediment up the telepump.

Still, fellow geeks might want to go and sign the petition HERE.

Not that it worked for Star Trek Enterprise, or for that matter attempts to convince the studio to create a series based on Captain Sulu's voyages abroad the good ship Excelsior (according to Wikipedia). Still, you Trek guys have still got the hope of Colonel J.J. Abrams' involvement in Star Trek: The Beginning or wotever... Incidentally, Abrams dreamt up hit TV series Lost whilst mulling over his Eighties hit Trapped... "I'm lost; like a fool I'm in a cage. I can't get out, you see I'm lost. Can't you see I'm so confused? I can't get out; you see I'm lost"

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