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[ Sunday, June 04, 2006 ]

Department of Transport Initiative - May 2006 Information Release
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There is great concern about current driving standards in the UK so the Dept have devised a scheme to identify poor and dangerous drivers. This system will allow all road users to recognize the potentially hazardous and dangerous ones, or those with limited driving skills.
From the middle of May 2006 all those drivers deemed to be a potential hazard to other road users will be issued with a white flag, bearing a red cross. This flag clearly indicates their inability to drive properly.
These flags must be clipped to a door of the car or van and be visible to all other drivers and pedestrians. Those drivers who have shown particularly poor driving skills or lack of road sense will have to display two flags.
We trust that this initiative will be helpful to all road users. Thank you for your cooperation.
Message ends.
Thanks to the redoubtable Ron Lyre of The Stratford Strumpet fame for this.

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