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[ Monday, April 02, 2007 ]

Doctor Who new series - Vote Saxon
Starbuck [16:43] Comments: 1 []
A good start for the start of David Tennant's second series as the Doctor. As with previous "new season openers" I was expecting a slight amount of disappointment, especially now that Primeval has effectively raised the bar on quality "family drama entertainment" (Primeval: slick high quality production values, shamefully naff, ugly and cheap-looking DVD packaging).

I suspect that the "Saxon" character that was alluded to will be the slightly annoying "Bad Wolf" or "Torchwood" teaser for this series.
Here's hoping it refers to the ancient British heavy metal band.

Maybe Captain Jack will end up exploring Biff Byford's "Inner Sanctum". Heh!

Whilst I'm still here, I feel I should just add the following on behalf of Lars Ulrich:

The NWOBHM rules! Death to false metal! Maiden Japan rocks! Etc.

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Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at April 03, 2007 11:54 am  :

Just seen this piece of pontification on the Guardian message boards:

"Mister Saxon is an anagram of Master No. Six.

Roger Delgado
Peter Pratt
Geoffrey Beevers
Anthony Ainley
Eric Roberts

Derek Jacobi/John Simm?"

Pure conjecture I know, but still, I'd had a feeling they'd be resurrecting The Master sometime soon...

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