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[ Wednesday, March 14, 2007 ]

Tabloid attention
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Well I never. To be exact, I('ve) never before been contacted by a newspaper journalist , chasing up a lead - my lead! - based on some of the worthless words sitting in the VSX archive. But thet's exactly what happened yesterday.

This guy The man in question (see, even I can do a bit of investigative research!), a features writer for the Daily Mirror, emailed me about something I wrote 3½ years ago. He is compiling a biographical article on an entertainer that I've had mystical dealings with in the past, and stumbled across VSX whilst doing the Google legwork.

To borrow a phrase from the most inane of tabloid letters pages, I had to laugh when I looked at the post in question. What a load of old nelly! Its always funny looking back at old posts, especially back in the glory days of first-year blogging, but October 2003 has definitely made me chuckle a fair bit more than March 2007. So far. And always nice to see that my two co-editors were a bit more talkative back then as well. I think one of them must've died he's been so quiet...

But I digest.

When I told Mrs Powersurge about the hot (read as: lukewarm) news reporter (read as: tabloid journo) interest (read as: fishing) in my story, I was told in no uncertain terms that I wasn't allowed to make up any barefaced lies to feed to him works for the Mirror, which is a shame. I promised. No slander from me. Nose lander.

I must apologise. This article was just moving into uncharted areas of hilarity, as I entered a Ross Noble style tangent about miniature astronauts and stage hypnotists. However I've just heard that Nescafé bean-shaker Gareth Hunt has sadly passed away, which has fair thrown me off kilter, but has provided a perfect get-out-clause on this blog posting.

I'm off to mourn. See ya.

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