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[ Friday, September 07, 2007 ]

Music musings
Starbuck [13:15] Comments: 0 []
Hello. "Musings", eh? "Musings" - pah! Looks like I'm a "proper blogger" again.

So, what was I going to muse about?

Oh yes, that new Foo Fighters single (it may or may not be called "The Pretender").

Whenever I listen to it, I hear that song from Sesame Street - "One of these kids is doing his own thing, one of these kids is not the same".

It makes me laugh. It makes me cry.

Something else that made me laugh happened last weekend, when Mrs Powersurge had purchased the Radio 1 Live Lounge CD (for those not in the know, its a bunch of tracks that were performed live on a UK radio show, mostly unexpected cover versions).

I came upstairs to find her listening to the final distorted moments of "Gave Up" by Nine Inch Nails. "Hmmm", I hmmm'd to myself, "I wouldn't have expected anyone to cover that on daytime radio. And it sounds exactly the same as the version off the original NIN album "Broken".

How we laughed when I opened up the CD player to find that she'd laid her new album ON TOP OF the one that was already in the machine.

Or rather, how **I** laughed. Ho ho.


[ADDENDUM] Oops, I had failed to emphasise exactly why this was so funny, funnier even than the end of the first episode of the second series of the IT Crowd, and that's funny.

It was the fact that she'd got all the way to the end of this incredibly noisy aggressive album without noticing anything was amiss.

Do you see? Do you geddit?

Oh, please yerselves.

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