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[ Wednesday, July 11, 2007 ]

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Cape Wrath (Channel 4, Tuesdays)

As a new non-Shameless Channel 4-commissioned UK drama series is quite a rarity nowadays, I thought this would be worth a look. And the first episode was enjoyably intriguing, with every stylised shot built for satisfying viewer consumption.

Yeah, I know the writers desperately want Lost-style mass viewer pontification on what this is really about (blah blah are they actually in limbo or is that just to bleedin' obvious blah blah), however I'm all pontificated out (I'm still suffering from Matrix Theory Exhaustion Syndrome). Though that said, its already premiered on Showtime in the States (as "Meadowlands"), so I'm already stepping around spoilers left, right and centre. And I can't help but wonder whether Meadowlands is, you know, actually an isolated Prisoner-style community actually on, wait for it, Cape Wrath, the most north-westerly part of Scotland. But with better weather. Hmmm. We'll see.

So all in all, not bad at all. C4 need more of this homegrown stuff, especially now that Sky are likely to just buy up any hit "cult" US shows they might want to nurture.

Fonejacker (E4, Thursdays)

Prank calls. Inspired visual accompaniments. Very funny.

10 Comment(s):

Comment by Anonymous Anonymous, at July 14, 2007 8:30 pm  :

"Hello, sah, I am calling from your bank."

"Talk to me."

Beatbox guy - good.

Oasis - bad.

Excellent replacement to the genre vacated by Trigger Happy TV.

Comment by Anonymous Anonymous, at July 14, 2007 8:31 pm  :

By Oasis I mean the Oasis Mouse. Basically anything with a chipmunk voice effect is a positive no-no.

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at July 17, 2007 3:49 pm  :

I was still giggling like a drunk thing throughout the second episode, though it may have lost a bit of its sheen. Or maybe the booze wasn't as good.

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at July 17, 2007 3:57 pm  :

Oh, and I know I'm a week late, but what I really meant to say about Cape Wrath was that the detective-who-wasn't-a-future-surgeon from Life on Mars was of course in it, being almost as mysterious.

Which was nice. Just by being he managed to give me the shivers even without anything else he was up to.

And I meant to talk about Jekyl, which I'm really enjoying (nice one, Steven Moffat, who incidentally wrote that piss-poor 1999 Children in Need Doctor Who special before graduating to the real thing), and Rome, which I enjoy when I've got subtitles on (apart from when it covers up the good visual bits)

Now resolved.

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at July 18, 2007 5:11 pm  :

Of course the second episode of Cape Wrath I found to be a little lacking. A little lacklustre.

Comment by Anonymous Sensei, at July 19, 2007 1:03 pm  :

You're right, there's definately been something missing in the way of quickfire-sketches (like you say a la Trigger Happy TV).

Tommy Tibbs the purchaser of ladders was good. Not to mention the hotel guest that wanted the consierge of the hotel to come up and give him a leather belt spanking...!

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at July 19, 2007 5:50 pm  :

And when mixed up with the endless joy of prank phonecalling... bliss!

Comment by Anonymous Anonymous, at July 21, 2007 2:55 pm  :

Can't get into Rome right now, so to speak. It doesn't seem the same without CiarĂ¡n Hinds.

Comment by Anonymous Anonymous, at July 21, 2007 3:33 pm  :

Re: the consierge sketch I loved the bit at the end when the FJ pokes the pedicab rider with his mobile. Hee hee!

I almost forgot about the ISP guy.
Pay as you's all your faultings.

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at July 24, 2007 12:16 pm  :

And now we've got Heroes starting on the Beeb (I stupidly decided to wait rather than watching on the Sci Fi channel - I was worried I might miss an episode by accident since I don't hang around the channel that often, which is stupid reasoning considering it seemed to be repeated pretty much every night of the week).

And The Wire on FX starting from the very first series (people with FX who missed it can watch the first episode on the Guardian website).

Sweet cathode ray joy!

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