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[ Thursday, August 02, 2007 ]

James Nesbitt - the 11th Doctor Who?
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Just seen at the Guardian Organ Grinder blog - "James Nesbitt: the new Doctor Who?" - "James Nesbitt is being lined up as the new Doctor Who, with Steven Moffat taking over as executive producer/showrunner, according to today's Sun".

Ignoring those final four words which automatically makes me take the whole thing with a large pinch of saltpetre, I reckon that Nesbitt would make a pretty good Doctor. Although I've never really liked him that much (I've always found him slightly annoying in interviews, and I've never got on well with his "parts"), I though he was damn good in Moffatt's recent Jekyll, and I can really see it working.

I'd been silently hoping that Moffat would step into Russell T Davies' shoes as well.

Still no sign of Eddie Izzard Doctor, then [VSX 3rd October 2003]. You'll see. Starbuck the Seer's infallibility is unquestioned.

Anyway, who needs pontification, when this is the perfect excuse to run The Timelords' "Doctorin' the TARDIS" video. Enjoy!

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