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[ Wednesday, October 24, 2007 ]

Infant Music
Starbuck [14:44] Comments: 0 []
One of the unexpected joys of new parenthood is the escape from social conventions about spouting nonsense in a loud voice. Freshly released from the shackles adulthood, I have been thoroughly enjoying the freedom to sing absolute tosh whenever the need arises. And Starkid's hopefully enjoying it too.

The subject matter of my current Top Five ditties are as follows:
  • Serial Killers
  • Uncle Vernon Kay
  • Alexei Sayle, and how we love to see him swear on the TV
  • Daddy's Bottom
  • Captain Kirk
Obviously the Wiggles have got nothing on me for lyrics. Next stop, the Dieticians featuring Fat and Viper Squad Ten back-catalogues...

Coming up with these tunes on the fly, it becomes apparent just what a piece of piss the act of composition for kids entertainers must be. Very embarrassing when you find yourself out and about singing merrily about Fred and Rose or Uncle Vernon coming from Bolton, though!

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