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[ Saturday, October 06, 2007 ]

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And talking of the Nintendo Wii, surely I'm not the only idiot to have gotten himself into an almost disastrous mess by mistaking the concept of the SD card with SanDisk branded memory sticks?

I was convinced that my Wii's memory card reader component had somehow been built into the unit the wrong way round at manufacture. I had studied the diagrams in the manual and on the help screen, and despite the fact it was clear from the picture that the external SD card should be inserted with the notched corner facing forward at the bottom, the only way I could get it to click into place correctly was with the notch at the top. That said, I spent ages poking it around with the notch down trying to get the device recognised, but (a) it didn't obviously "spring" into place, (b) I needed tweezers to get it out each time, and (c) it didn't work. And within the Save Data option within the Data Management option, the system was adamant that there "Nothing is inserted in the SD Card Slot". Adamant, but not willing to stand and deliver.

Most gutted was I, since I've got a 4GB SanDisk memory stick for my old Sony Ericsson k750i that's stuffed full of tunes and "stuff".

You don't need an external memory card for the Wii, of course - the onboard memory is quite sufficient for game saves and downloads. But I wanted it bad.

I rang up the games emporium from whence I'd bought the unit, and Justin Lee Collins (or at least is sounded like Justin Lee Collins) got tremendously frothed up with excitement about the prospect of taking a look at it - he'd not heard of anything similar ever happening, and couldn't really comprehend how such a mistake might have happened at the factory. And surely it wasn't possible spatially...? So I agreed to take it in the next day - as it was under warrantee I'd get a replacement machine

Late that night I was idly swimming around the internet, slightly suspicious of the evident lack of similar problems that bastard-boring-bloggers might have written about in a fit of grumpiqueness, but mostly trying to put off the moment when I would factory-reset the Wii in order to remove any personal data (along with my precious Zelda save data). And lo - what everyone else already knows:
  • SD stands for Secure Digital - nothing to do with SanDisk (although they do manufacture them).

  • SD cards and Sony's proprietary format, the Memory Stick Pro Duo are not interchangeable - they are entirely different formats, no matter that there are SanDisk branded sticks on the market.

  • I am incredibly stupid. I've just realised I researched all this when I was originally looking to expand my phone's memory. And then promptly forgot all about it. Memory problems.

  • Reading about memory is boring. As it writing it on this blog. Which is why it has been drafted at work.

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