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[ Tuesday, March 25, 2008 ]

More precognonsense
Starbuck [19:28] Comments: 0 []
Further to THAT, I've managed to precog another high profile death - Arthur C Clarke. Sort of. Well, more of a postcog really, with a bit of paracog as well.

I was lieing in the Bath Friday morning, unaware of the passing of the classic sf author. I was thinking about a piece of music, tying to work out where it was from. I thought it was from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Until I realised that it was from Superman.

A bit later I was watching the film version of the Magic Roundabout, where another piece from the 2001 soundtrack was used. "Hmmm, coincidence", I thought absently.

Late that night I was flicking channels and happened across Damages, just as the Blue Danube was being played. "Wooh" I thought, inaccurately.

The next day I learned the truth.

Clarke was dead. And I was suffering from coincidence and extrapolation

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