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[ Sunday, October 19, 2003 ]

Metacortechs or Matrix cortex
Starbuck [15:04] Comments: 0 []
Someone - The Wachowski Brothers, or some other shadowy individuals, have set up a whole host of fake web sites pertaining to be part of our own real life, but relating to the Matrix Universe.

For example, Metacortechs is the company that Neo worked for in the Matrix. The web-site looks like a standard real business' website. Checking out the staff directory for their Redland office, and searching on Neo's details (AndersonThomas) reveals "***TRANSFERRED*** - No forwarding information available".... not suprising, I guess.

For other people, you might get their email details - for example, Steven Walsh, their new CEO, is at Dare I try it?
And Beth McConnell from their R&D Dept (; it also gives out her directory details on the Metadex project website ( And from there, a reference to her personal website, Little boxes, indicates she's aware there's more to life than what is at face value, with a healthy interest in the apparent paranormal... there's a lot of that around in the world of the Matrix. Etcetera.
They've even got their web-hosting company, Underscore Housing, covered for hosting all these websites.

This all (nearly) looks real, but it's obviously some clever game for those brave (or nerdish) enough to explore the realms where film meets reality. I've not got the time to really explore it right now, which is a bugger, as now I'm very excited! There's all these fake people to email, phone numbers to ring (in America, unfortunately), web-sites to hack and explore...

Thanks to this article on Matrix Essays (and - the self-proclaimed "worst website ever"!)

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