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[ Saturday, January 17, 2004 ]

Please Sir, I cannot tell a lie...
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Big thanks to Maff from Planet: Maffydoo for reminding me about Klass of 99, the home-brew remake/reinterpretation of the Spectrum classics Skool Daze / Back To Skool, available for download for Windows (& GBA!) from Skoolweb (a part of RetroSpec). I'd had troubles with getting this to work in the past - maybe it was an incomplete version, or maybe I'm just rubbish - but everything's perfect now. I'm awash with nostalgia.

Fantastic - Skool Daze. In colour. With all the joys and pain that that entails. Now if only you could change the character names like in the original... (UPDATE: You can, from the gametext.txt file - though as it turned out that my teachers included paedophiles and wife-killers amongst their numbers, I'm wary of the trauma this might cause me...)

(I never played it at the time, but next on the Download list is the legendary Head Over Heels on the good advice of Maff. (UPDATE: Woah, it is good. Very professionally done. Well done to all concerned - you're giving me premature alopecia.)

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