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[ Wednesday, January 14, 2004 ]

Blogbling gangstas
Starbuck [20:10] Comments: 0 []
I was just thinking to myself, the peer-structure of the blogging community seems to be very much analagous to that of the hip hop world.

We're always bigging each other up and showing respect to one another... we just can't help it. It makes us feel a part of something. Its our duty. It gives us the chance to showcase the skills of our "homies" (that doesn't sound quite right coming out of my white middle-class Midland-accented virtual-mouth, but frack it). It keeps the blood fresh.

Then you look at Dré, Em, 50, Obie, and assorted Doggs such as Snoop and Nate, and you see - they're doing exactly the same thing.

Albeit in a slightly classier fashion.

Time to backtrack on this one.
Maybe I shouldn't "think" so much. Or, looking back over the last 4 paragraphs of absolute drivel, maybe I should think before I allow my passing thoughts to seep into the googlenet. Gah! Let this be an example to all of you fellow bloggers. Never write for the sake of writing, just because you've got a keyboard and a half-considered notion.

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