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[ Tuesday, January 13, 2004 ]

Starbuck [19:20] Comments: 0 []
Grumble. I boot up my blog this evening, looking forward to some hassle-free electronic escapism, and I find that BlogSpeak, my beloved Commenting tool, is up the creek sans paddle. Again.

According to Blogspeak, this is "because the bastards that host it decided to suspend my account". Its a pity, as I reckoned it to be the best of the (admitedly few) blog commenting tools I looked at when setting one up for the first time, all those months ago - no registration required, code directly generated from a single page, free forwarding of Comments to your own email address, no commenter's email address required in the field on the Comment box, and best of all, nice and nifty. Twas a pity when us Blogspeakers got infected by rogue browser-highjack scripts being spammed across the service, but hey, free web-tool construction's a learning experience, yeah?, and it did force some improvements to the service, and we're all wiser (and more cynical) about the bad apples in the cyberspace orchard, right guys?

So it pains me that it comes down to yet more desperate pleas from Harry (Blogspeak creator) for donations (of cash, bandwidth, or sanity in taking over the whole flicking service) to get the site up and running again... I totally feel for this guy, his creativity being crushed in the cogs of the corporate machine. (Unless, that is, he's actually a machiavellian web mastermind, minting it in from us gullible suckers...)

I've come to regard a blog without comments as a wholly different entity whatsoever. Inferior. Immutable. Unaccountable. And some other cold and nasty words beginning with I/U-n/m.

In Harry's words, "Thanks for your patience during this time, and I apologize for this bullshit." And you can always stick yellow Post-It notes to your monitor in the meantime, ready to hit me with a torrent of feedback when normal service is restored... or not.

14 Jan UPDATE: The Comments should be back again by the weekend, hopefully, possibly still via BlogSpeak, though possibly transferred over to Haloscan. Twould be a shame to lose BlogSpeak, but as long as I don't have to paste everything in off my original emails myself, I'm happy.

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