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[ Tuesday, February 17, 2004 ]

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Trying to get back into the blogging stirrups after a short break along with everything else thats going on around me in "real life", its been difficult finding the time to do what I enjoy even more than writing blogs - reading other people's blogs.

So I'm going to just get Google to analyse some other blogs for me instead, and based on what links Google Adsense tries to sell to me, I'll hopefully be able to form a thoroughly accurate picture of their authors' writings.

You can play this game at home as well (if you're bored) - just put a website URL in the box below, and let Google do the do for you - it'll tell you what ads it thinks are relevant. (Code nicked from Google Weblog)


First up is Tam. Hmmm, not much luck there. A load of guff destined for bloggers. I get the feeling this may be a dead-end project....
Next up, Billy. More hmmming. Suspiciously similar results - blog commenting tools and the like. Same with Gary, Astolath, Maffy, Aaron, etcetera etecetera etceterbleedinra.

OK, Joy next. Result, - Bush-Cheney 2004 buttons. Something different, at least. Likewise, nothing suprising on Bush Lies - - a George W Bush paper doll being advertised. Huh? And more left-leaning Yankcentric ads over at the lovely Nurse Ratchet's place.

Gah, this wasn't meant to work like this. The last time I tried it, when I was obsessing over the Matrix all the bleedin' time, there was all sorts of kinky Trinity costumer links being offered to me.

And when I once briefly mentioned something about razers being electronically bugged in Tesco's, BANG, I was inundanted with endless ads for razers. And don't get me started on the dubious ads for celebrity lookalikes, Aaron Barschak concerts, classic BBC comedy videos....

Go on. Try it yerself on your own links. But just don't blame me for any disappointment.

Maybe its just a bad time for me to try this little experiment. Maybe no-ones blogging about any major zeitgeists right now. Or maybe Google are currently selling more blogging-tool ads than they were before. Or maybe Google has come to realise that pretty much all us bloggers ever talk about is blogging (as I am right now).

And maybe I'm just going to have to find the time to actually read my blog-roll instead. Woe is me.

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