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[ Tuesday, March 30, 2004 ]

Small things...
Starbuck [15:53] Comments: 0 []
Its beautiful outside - summer is here, if only for the day. It negates the humdrum workday existence, as I hurtle on a wave of adrenaline towards the end of the day. And, already being a very smiley person, its making my jaws ache.

In fact, a massive face-hurting rictus grin has just set in, upon hearing someone down the corridor whistling. I've got the utmost respect for natural whistlers, as opposed to forced whistlers who deserve shame and humiliation and pain for trying to put a brave face on life in such an annoying manner. Natural whistlers, however, are the champions of the human race. And this muddyfunster was whistling, wait for it, THE EYE OF THE TIGER, by SURVIVOR. You know, the one off one of the Rocky films. It takes guts for anyone who'll whistle such a tune in public. Guts and respect. Heh!

Talking of whistling, my whistling tune of choice is "Just Bugging" by Eighties "comedy" hip-hop crew, Whistle. Oh the joy of creating such ripples of subtle ironic background noise to peoples lives, just by pursing my lips...

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