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[ Thursday, July 29, 2004 ]

Gossamer City
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Caught up in the Spiderman film hype that's sweeping across the nation, I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Living on the cutting-edge of movie watching as I do, last night I sat myself down in front of the webslinger's first recent outing, Spiderman One.

I must admit to have been a little disappointed. William Dafoe as the Green Goblin would face automatic relegation from the League of Superhero Baddies Cup. I found him extremely uncharismatic, and not fit to lick Gene Hackman-era Lex Luthor's boots, let alone polish Magneto's lodestones. He was like the slightly-crappy "human" bad guy sometimes spotted in Batman films filling out the space between the more "exotic" supervillains.

In fact, although the slight whiff of Batman permeated the film, much more pungent was the stench of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers that wafted from the screen whenever Spidey or the Goblin got dressed-up for their superpowered hi-jinks. Even the fights were like something out of Saban Entertainment's finest. Shocking.

Still, I did quite enjoy it, especially the mushy emotional bits (or so says my girlfriend), and I'll be giving Spidey2 a chance. Here's hoping that they've learnt from X-Men's sky-high standards.

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