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[ Sunday, October 24, 2004 ]

All the tea in China
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Sunday morning. I sit in front of my computer, a steaming mug of strong tea in front of me, enjoying the feeling of rejuvenation as the PG Tips brew blasts through the shreds of my hangover, caffeine raining down across my over-stimulated Adenosine receptors.

I'd been hibernating in my bed from the ache in my head for some time this morning, drifting in and out of consciousness, the joyous sounds of Fat Boy Slim's Palookaville providing a safety net of distraction for my disengaged mind. Hiding under the duvet from that hanging feeling, and hiding from the droplets of condensation, coalesced on the skylight, ready to drop, ready to intrude on my self-inflicted malaise.

I may have been hiding, but my mind was flying free, and many lines of latitude to the east of where my body lay. There is a reason for the current richness of my daydreams - my Sino-Japanatrial Node has recently been massively stimulated by a couple of wonderfully beautiful and imaginative films. What a fantastic link to some long overdue reviews...

Firstly Hero (Ying Xiong) - one of the most breathtakingly beautiful films I have seen, and worth buying a massive plasma screen for if you didn't see it at the cinema. I enjoyed it a lot more than Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (which is the natural easy point-of-reference for stoopid Western barbarians such as I), although the denouement justifying peace and unity under an authoritarian imperial nationalist regime stuck in my throat a bit when considering the Chinese occupation of Tibet; and anyway, "tianxia" does not translate as "our land" but rather "under heaven", but whatever, I'm not going to patronise by pretending to understand the history and psychology of the Chinese peoples - now isn't the time (click HERE for the correct time to patronise by pretending to understand the history and psychology of the Chinese peoples!) But I digress. What it was was a captivating and artistic piece of filmaking with some brilliant uses of colour. Oh, and lots of people fighting mid-air like gravity-spurning superheros - that's all you morons care about. Classy stuff. (Just to add some balance to the other side of my critical fulcrum, my less overzealous girlfriend preferred Crouching Tiger as a film - it scored much higher in the all-important love-story stakes.)

The other film that's been pushing away at the envelope of my imagination is Spirited Away, another oldie-but-goodie. A lovely slice of fairytail Japanese anime which has flashed me back to how great it was living within the imagination of a child. Get yer kids hooked on it and you won't need an excuse to watch it over and over again. And if you don't have kids its worth getting them for it. Engrossing. And software developers - it would make the best point-and-click adventure game EVER!

Now, I think its time for another little lie down...

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