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[ Sunday, November 14, 2004 ]

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine
Starbuck [16:31] Comments: 0 []
Finally the weather has taken a frostier turn towards Winterval. Which is good, because the conversion of our town centres from centres of commerce into the hives of Santa's worshippers doesn't seem so unnatural when you're no longer enjoying the last gasps of Summer. So what if every shop in the land may be decked out in holly and tinsle as they blast out Slade's Greatest Christmas hits - its cold!

Anyway, I can't be judgemental about the earlification of the Chrismas period - we've had some of our own Christmas decorations up for ages. In fact, we've not actually taken them down since last year. Luckily its only a pot of painted silver twigs and a 15-centimetres tall Christmas tree (it was once alive and sitting under a frosting of fake snow - now, its only the fake snow that's maintaining its structural integrity.)

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