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[ Sunday, November 28, 2004 ]

# Then we crashed the wedding #
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My old University friend Sarah R was wed to Alex W on Saturday, and we were fortunate to be invited along for the celebrations at Browns Courtroom (82?84 St Martins Lane, London WC2N 4AA, address-fans). Sarah's internet vessel has been known to drift by these pages, so I would just like to publicly thank her and Alex for a wonderful night's fun and frolics. I hope that my own wedding can live up to the standard they've set.

The evening wasn't just celebrational, it was educational too. Alex is not English as presumed but is in fact so Dutch that he should be passed from the left-hand-side. The same goes for Santa (and his friend Black Pete). My life is now upside-down.

Suprise of the weekend was my first "dry" night in months on the Friday, the suprise being that we were staying with the original newts-out-of-water, DJ Tim & Mrs DJ Tim. And neither of them are pregnant! We more than made up for it the following day, mind. Excuse me, now - I've got to go and excrete some of my dissolute kidneys...

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