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[ Thursday, November 18, 2004 ]

Truth and lies
Starbuck [22:01] Comments: 0 []
I met this man down the pub who knew a man who had it on good authority that blogging has only been encouraged to allow the furtherment of the American goverment's global database project to gain complete information awareness on every detail of our lives.

But then the barman butted in to put him right - he'd read somewhere on the web that a bloke in prison had overhead on the bus whilst on day-release that organisations providing blogging facilities are in fact funded by organised criminal masterminds. The Yakuza (Blogger), the Triads (Movable Type) and the Italian Mafia (Typepad). They're using our casually thrown-away data to feed their password-crunching software. They want our identities and our bank accounts.

Personally, I've got bigger concerns. It snowed in Britain today, and everyone knows that "Islamist" terrorists will use the year's first snowfall as a signal to release dirty bombs across the nation's city centres; the Gritters loads will be seeded with radiation. Despite it being known that dirty bombs don't actually cause any signigicantly detrimental effects on a victim's health, I don't want to get caught in the resultant gridlock...

Truthful and non-conspiratorial aside: Its true about the ineffectiveness of dirty bombs. And whilst on that subject, Vaara from the Silt blog has provided transcripts of the Power Of Nightmares documentary that I mentioned a few weeks back. You should click HERE for the link index, Torrent files also available. Its your duty as a free citizen of the world.)

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