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[ Sunday, November 14, 2004 ]

Cyber-Satan blog RIP
Starbuck [17:06] Comments: 0 []
Thanks to The Saturnyne for alerting me to the death of one of the best blogs on my blogroll, Cyber-Satan. I'm keeping the links open on the slight chance that it becomes resurrected, but my hopes aren't high - blog owner Astolath has oft wondered about its future. It was a very well written, very unique British blog, sourced from a mind far more intellectual than the blogger's norm. And please note, reverse-snobbery-shitheads, that "intellectual" is not an insult but more something to aspire to. And I aspired that VSX could be half as good as CS, or half as funny.'s tagline was "Culture, Alienation, Boredom and Despair", and ironically I'm going to be feeling a lot more of that now.

Its a strange feeling. I wish that I'd had more time recently to keep up-to-date with my regular blog-reads. People's lives have been passing me by. I wish I could've seen the last post before the site was killed. According to S, in his last post he "said he didn't have anything else to write anymore... *sigh* Good blog. Great guy". Very true. One really does feel like these people - you people - are true friends.

I don't want to seem melodramatic, but it almost feels as if a friend has died, or something, and that you're going to miss their company. But that would be melodramatic, so in fact I'll just say "so long, and thanks for all the fish."

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