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[ Sunday, December 05, 2004 ]

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Sunday morning pillow talk Chez Starbuck this morning was an in-depth discussion about the lack of evidence for intelligent extraterrestrial life that underlines the Fermi paradox - they must surely have existed, but where the hell are the signs - and some perfectly possible, yet exotic, explanations. I may not have faith in God or Allah or any such man-made creations, and I may be able to explain Mankind's propensity for belief in evolutionary terms, but that's not to say that my mind isn't wide-open to other possibilities...

My brain is in Sunday Shutdown again now so I won't raise any of my fanciful hypotheses - and it is the Sabbath (religion-depending) after all, so I don't want to risk being struck with a bolt of lightning for rocking anyone's faith (I wish!) - so I'll spare you the gory intellectual details.

Suffice to say it all culminated in a call for insurrection - if there is indeed some sort of authoritarian supreme being, who has set down such tightly-restricting parameters for His playthings as a means of placating His insecurity, then we NEED to RISE UP and RALLY against Him. In my humble opinion.

I bet you're glad you don't have to wake up next to me...

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