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[ Tuesday, November 30, 2004 ]

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I know that there is a wealth of knowledge and goodwill floating around the interweb, a veritable global University of Intelligentsia, stuffed to the rafters with e-Genies just waiting for a problem for them to help out on. So this one's for you.

My Dad's recently got ADSL broadband installed, and blimey, it moves like a whippet with a hungry cheetah tied to its tail. And then. A few minutes later. It stops. Pages not found all around.

I've noticed that the two green arrows in the system tray turn yellow, and hovering over them with the cursor advises "DSL Modem: State - Training" (or worse, "no signal").

However, if I perform a Health Check (from the desktop icon for BT Broadband Help) it indicates that "BT Broadband Help has tested your connection and established that you are successfully connected to BT Broadband." And its true - from that moment, you are connected again. Until the next time, that is...

Now the world and his wife knows that "training" the line comes from the days of analog modem connections. Remember the long sequence of hisses, beeps, and just some other plain weird sounds after the dialing of the modem? Training the line means to negotiate the best possible speed on the line. Sometimes, line noise can interfere with normal DSL line traffic, so, the modem must negotiate the best possible speed despite the noise. With the noise, the best speed can't be offered, so, it throttles the speed back through a negotiation sequence so that you can get the best speed and connection stablility despite the noise. Or so I read somewhere.

My parents dial-up line was famed (amongst sad circles) for its noise. Perhaps its not getting "something" back through the firewall when it trains?

If you're bothered, its a BT Voyager 105 USB ADSL Modem, and they're using Windows 98, IE 6.0 and Zonealarm 5.5 (for which a clean reinstall predictably didn't help). Google has failed me, BUT I DEMAND ANSWERS!

He might even buy you a pint...

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