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[ Wednesday, December 01, 2004 ]

Indiana Joes
Starbuck [20:24] Comments: 0 []
I'm as peculiarly-obsessed with my search-engine referral statistics as the next blogger, but recently I've been just too lacking in quality computer-time to indulge myself in such questionable delights.

However a quick scan through the stats can prove educational as to what's going on in that big old world around me. For example, there's been a recent flood of people searching for information about the "ark of the covenant" and "Napton-on-the Hill" (who I guess arrived here due to THIS and THIS.

"Intriguing", I thought in pixels, as I did a quick Google News search on it, "it looks like those crafty Knights of the Templar might have hidden the Ark of The Convenant (and a bunch of Ten Commandment tablets as a Brucey Bonus) in or near to an old well in Napton. It all makes sense," I continued to expose, "as the last time I visited the Church at nearby Burton Dassett, I noticed that the stained glass window - the Epiphany Window - shows a little red brick arch. Now I happened to be there at Epiphany - January 6..." I continued to lie to myself, "which happens to be the only day when the two tail stars of the Plough, which are often used to represent Michael and Gabriel, happen to point vertically downwards. And at midnight they were pointing down to Church Green in Napton. Where there is an arch."

It all makes sense. And it explains what that ruddy great box was that my young nephew Joe (who lives in Napton-on-the-Hill) found in the stream, and why it made such spectacular firewood...

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