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[ Friday, January 21, 2005 ]

Team America: World Police
Starbuck [22:01] Comments: 0 []
After South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, I really wanted this to be the best comedy out of America since, dare I say it, Airplane.

Unfortunately, the potential goodness of my review has been stained by the last 90 minutes post-pub-net-searching for screen grabs of my favourite scene, whereby evil nemesis Kim Jong Il released his panthers (couragously played on screen by cute ickle pussy cats) rips out the neck of those treacherous liberal actors, so you're left with a pic of my second favourite scene - an easy Mos Eisley Star Wars scene. Despite a hopeful 121 photos in German.

In the end I was quite disappointed with TA. It had some good, nay wonderful, moments. Some bits which, on reflection several days down the line I'm really enjoying. However, at the time, it really felt like Stone & Parker (who, appropriately, was a member of Thunderbirds) were casting their target sights too widely; either they were taking the punk fuck everyone approach, or the money from both sides of the political spectrum proved too tempting. That, or perhaps more wisely than any of us of any decided political bent, they realise the whole ridiculousness of taking up a stand when the whole thing nowadays has strayed too far into pantomine and posturing.

One thing very much in its favour, as with the sublime South Park, is the lip sync'ing. No matter how basic the medium - paper-thin cartoon characters or marionettes, as long as the lip movement perfectly matches the speech you will breach that gulf of unreality.

All in all, some very funny moments, but maybe too scattershot and unfocussed for sensitive leftie bastids like me to call satire. A bit like watching Jim Davidson in the company of Bernard Manning and Stan Boardman, or Benny Hill with the entire cast of the Carry On series sitting on your shoulders.

Still, as I say, the post-filmmemory is growing, "Encore" style. But then, I'm drunk. Ignore me. Don't go and see it, unless you're already tempted, and then if you do, make up your own bleeding mind. How's that for an honest review.

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