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[ Wednesday, January 05, 2005 ]

Time travel agent
Starbuck [16:45] Comments: 0 []
Whilst en passant, I must quickly make a small addendum to my last entry for 2004.

Whilst booking our honeymoon with our local travel agent, our consultant rang through to a number of organisations in an attempt to get the best deal possible, and each time she was put on hold she would switch the telephone to a hands-free "conference mode".

Despite of course not having given my true name Starbuck Powersurge (that would be madness!), something wonderful happened the very first time she was asked to hold. Not one word of a lie, and may our Lord Captain Apollo strike me down if this not be true, but excitingly the original Battlestar Galactica theme started tinnily blaring out of the speakers.

I felt strangely and stupidly proud, if a little wary that suspicious Van Damme's were testing my cover for cracks. You will be glad to know that any cracks that I might have I try to keep well hidden!

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