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[ Tuesday, July 12, 2005 ]

Londonistan versus Washingdon
Starbuck [15:48] Comments: 0 []
There's a certain noisy element of the American status quo that thrives and survives by ramping up people's fears and anxieties. It just can't stand to see any sort of measured thinking, the war on terror being the war of terror, let's face it ("Shock and Awe"? 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians killed by the original coalition of the willing even before they let Iraq become the breeding-ground for budding terrorists? Hello? Who funded Bin Laden anyway?)

So its no suprise that a section of the American newspaper responses to the London bombings has been so radically-different to our own.

I became increasingly angy reading this hyperlinked article chronicling how the American newspapers warn of the threat to America from "Londonistan" ('London has become a "feeding ground for hate" and a "crossroads for would-be terrorists" where Muslims exploit civil liberties to "openly preach jihad"').

This is not the London I know, this is very much London as seen through the American lens of paranoia.

Why do we allow ourselves to be manipulated so? It's bad enough with certain Newer elements of New Labour, but surely there's only so much America can take from the bullying right before it stands up to it.

Londonistan? Washingdon would be just as bad.

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