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[ Wednesday, August 03, 2005 ]

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George W Bush is stirring up the already overagitated American education system by in schools.

I haven't got the energy or the time to waste on this one, and I would hope that the reader is intelligent enough not to require me to.

However, the sensible thinking is that you should never trust any educated individual who believes in creationism. That way of thinking's an evolutionary dead-end.

And talking of not trusting Bush (and don't get m estarted about the forcing through Senate of John Bolton as his new UN envoy...), commentators sometimes wonder why the (that proved beyond doubt that we were lied to and purposely misled in order to ignite the Iraq war) has received scant coverage in the British media, whilst the normally-dud US media has followed this one through.

I guess the answer is that most of us already KNEW we were being lied to and misled. We looked at the run-up to the war, we knew what they were trying to do, we saw the shortsighted stupidity and self-serving nature of it, we protested, we were not so much as acknowledged by Blair. Its no wonder there's so much apathy in this country about our politicians. We're poisoned.

Which brings me to sad news about the wonderful . She was someone who did demand respect from the public but was shamefully treated by the architects of "New" Labour.

She thought with her head, not with her spleen or her wallet.

A great loss, to politics and to those that she inspired.

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Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at August 07, 2005 1:16 am  :

Christ, what a git I am.

I only noticed I'd mispelled Mo's surname as "Mowlem" rather than "Mowlam" when I received a surge of referrals from equally-illiterate individuals & tried News-searching on "Mowlem" myself.

Aside from that, on the night that we've lost Robin Cook, my fingers are especially crossed.

As are my eyes (too much wine...)

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