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[ Tuesday, December 20, 2005 ]

4 TV bullets
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  • Unretentive memory annoyance: My mate Kev of the Travelkev blog happened to be appearing LIVE on the Channel Five gameshow Brainteaser at 12:30 last night, however I forgot to record it. Which is a great pity, especially as I'll watch any old tat that time of night. And I wanted to see him squirm...

    Related fact: I unsuccessfully applied to go on Bullseye one as a youngster, by trying to make myself look middle-aged in the submission photo.
  • Chris Evans annoyance: I actually dreamt that Chris Evans died the other night. I suspect my subconscious knows just how painful an experience OFI Friday is for all involved.

    I also dreamt that I'd been "hanging" with Jeremy Clarkson, but enough said about that the better.
  • Setting-myself-up-for-disappointment annoyance: Yesterday I booked tickets to go and see one of my favourite stand-up comedians, Omid Djalili. He tickles my funny bone like very few others - intelligent, charming, and a true master of the art, darling - but I've never seen him "live" in person.

    And I won't this time, as it turns I've got a holiday booked for then... oh the sweet self-loathing of an over-privileged Brit being slightly inconvenienced...
  • Annoyance at other annoyances: Space Cadets on Channel Four - am I the only one in the country who is proud to say they thoroughly enjoyed it?

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Comment by Anonymous travelkev, at January 07, 2006 12:39 am  :

Amigo - you didn't miss a great deal with my "Brainteaser" appearance. I got through to the semi-final but was confounded by my mis-spelling of "tassel"! Damn the inconsistencies of our mother tongue.

Whilst the computer was verifying that I had spelled "tassel" incorrectly I blabbered on and said "You know, like 'tassels' on a lampshade" and had been just this close to saying "You know, like 'nipple tassels'?" live on national TV...

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at January 09, 2006 1:15 pm  :

Understandable, with the host and her perpetual cleavage-flaunting!

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