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[ Wednesday, January 11, 2006 ]

New House & VSX preview
Starbuck [18:01] Comments: 0 []
Well, it looks like the house move may well be going ahead after all. And much sooner than expected. MUCH SOONER! Aaagh!

And so I think its probably safe to release an image on VSX without fear of it all then falling through.

Luckily I left a sneaky video-bug in the kitchen when we went to inspect the property, all those months ago...

Frack, looks like we'll be needing Rentokill...

Anyway, here's a quick preview of what's coming up on VSX this year, from one house or t'other...
  • Starbuck's New Year Message (deferred) - three invaluable pieces of advice on how to live within a happy, content and fulfilled mental framework, no matter what life throws your way
  • Through The Keyhole Special
  • Photographic report from our now-not-so-recent honeymoon (non-explicit)
  • Photographic report from our not-at-all-recent 2004 Lake District break
  • Erm, some more photos - bonfire night, Gollum graffiti, Viper Squad reunion in Australian dress (Shagmatty's escape to Australia), etcetera
  • Some web-links. Surely not everyone's discovered Uncyclopedia, yet?
  • Exclusive thoughts from this exceptionally deep and gifted individual. Plus Sub-editor Stu & DJ Tim. Maybe.
  • Various webgames that aren't as good as the ones that missing-in-action co-editor DJ Tim used to write for this site
  • Possible insider info on the music of Viper Squad Ten, Dieticians Featuring Fat, and the Lesbian Love Triangle Featuring The Leather Lads
  • Exclusive Google Video link to Hormone Hell, the greatest horror film ever to star yours truly in a mini-skirt
  • Rants about religion (an easy but necessary target - apologies in advance to my God-fearing friends)
  • A little bit of politics, apathy-permitting
  • Various "commentaries about happenings on the media" if THIS REVIEW of VSX by bantychick is to be believed (check out that ancient "spooky planet" template design - them were the days!)
  • Lots of other stuff that I've conveniently forgotten about for the moment.

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