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[ Tuesday, February 07, 2006 ]

Internet Update
Starbuck [18:30] Comments: 0 []
# Mr Powersurge now has broadband
Tra la la la laaaa la-lar la laaaa
'Tis the reason to be jolly
Tra la la la laaaa la-lar la laaaa #

I tell you, coming from a crummy old dial-up connection it's a bit scary having all this internetrickery flowing through the home computer. I somehow feel like I'm hanging on by the seat of my "pants". Now I know how Dana Barrett felt in Ghostbusters, or Rose Tyler in Doctor Who. It's like I can feel combined power of Zool and the space time vortex surging through me.

Shame the sound's now gotten buggered on my PC... videos... music.... not for me! And my free hard-drive space is smaller than my Gmail account. Bah!

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