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[ Monday, January 30, 2006 ]

Life, the universe, and everything update.
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No time for grandiloquent effusions of consciousness as I'm still suffering from a complete lack of home internet. Nope, in the meantime I shall have to restrict my units of language to the barest of bones... so here's some sketched thoughts for ya.

  • The house move went more smoothly than I could believe, despite the best efforts of the bank that likes to think big. Now we're just stuck with the daunting task of cleaning up the old place.

    Wonderfully it feels like a long-lived home already. And what a difference from the old place. The floor space of our living room is probably bigger than the floor space in the entirety of our rented accommodation. And nice deep-pile carpets... no film of mildew coating everything... lush! The only thing I would swap with our old place would be the toilet bowl (this new one has a greater splash-back factor, and is more prone to the accretion of passing faeces.) I've even got over my dependency on electric fan & skylight sleep-aids.

  • Live review - Lee Mack - a very good stand-up comedian, and undisputed king of the one-liner (it says here). Funny, quick-witted and very responsive to input from the audience. One of the best. However unlike most live gigs I've seen, I can't quite recall what any of it was actually ABOUT (aside from the bit where a piece of gaffer-tape falling from the ceiling caught the crowd's rapt attention)... A great night, however - the warm memory glow of being thoroughly entertained persists, even with the details faded...

  • TV review - despite the what my co-editor has previously said about it, Hyperdrive continues to be most chucklesome. Just listen to my wife - when I asked her opinion last night, she said it was "quite good actually".

  • BB review - I actually welled-up with tears twice watching the Celebrity Big Brother final on Friday - once for Chantelle, and once for Barrymore, soft piece of shite that I am. Best BB ever!

  • Apologies - to all those in blog-land, whose own words of wit and wisdom I've been unable to enrich my own life with. You know who you are. You're in my dreams. Nearly.

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