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[ Friday, February 03, 2006 ]

And on a lighter note
Starbuck [17:05] Comments: 3 []
Q: If you ensured Darth Vader was kept at a constant acceleration, why would his mass increase?

A: Because he's always using The Force! (Newton's Second Law of Motion)
Q: What's Luke Skywalker's least favourite method of ablution?

A: Bath Vader (must not be spoken with a northern English accent)

3 Comment(s):

Comment by Blogger VEX, at February 05, 2006 6:22 am  :

do you know that you can levitate frogs, or other small creatures by placing them in a powerful enough magnetic field.


Comment by Blogger birdychirp, at February 05, 2006 2:17 pm  :


Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at February 06, 2006 1:16 pm  :

Ahh, so that's how The Force works.


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