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[ Thursday, April 20, 2006 ]

Starbuck [22:26] Comments: 0 []

I've been rather enjoying a little java webgame called Chockablock.

The graphics are simplistic, there's not even a hint of animation, and a deathly silence hangs over the game-board. It's really not got much going for it.

Except that it uses the pieces from Tetris, and as such sinks its hooks straight into a deeply-established section of one's brain.

Those wanting a funky soundtrack to replace the puzzle-stretched grimace with a beaming grin should immediately download Peter Gosling's theme tune to 80s kids TV show Chocablock (mp3 available from TV Cream).

Oh, what cruelty is this - the sweet smell of nostalgia, laced with the bitter taste of sadness, as I relive those latent childhood emotions... recalling the loss I would feel as the surrogate parent of the day - Chocablock (Fred Harris) or Chocagirl (Carol Leader) - drove out of the studio in their yellow cart at the show's end, leave the rhino-sized computer (Chockablock) to slowly shut down.

Chockabloke clocking off. Chocking.

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