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[ Friday, June 30, 2006 ]

Download older Zonealarm versions compatible with unsupported operating systems here!
Starbuck [13:00] Comments: 2 []
Yes, it's one of those articles.

ANTIQUATED. OBSOLETE. That's what my Windows operating system apparently is.

My ZoneAlarm firewall (version 6.1.744.001, aka 61_744_001_en.exe) prompted that I update to the new version (6.5.722.000). As it often does.

However when I tried running the executable I was told:
This version of ZoneAlarm is not compatible with the Windows 98/Windows ME Operating System. The installation will now stop. To download a compatible version, or learn more, please visit:
Fair enough, I thought. My OS is fairly creaky, perhaps they're branching into Pre-XP and post-XP versions. I followed the link.

Windows 98/98SE/Me Support Discontinued

Dear Windows 98/98SE/Me Customer,

Zone Labs, L.L.C. supports a balanced, multi-layered approach to security. An important part of this approach includes keeping software updated with the latest security patches.

Support Discontinued
On July 11, 2006, Microsoft will end support for Windows 98, 98SE and Me, which will have the resulting effect of making these operating systems less secure ( Windows 98/Me are older operating systems, and are therefore inherently more vulnerable to attacks than newer operating systems. Now that Microsoft will no longer provide security updates to these operating systems any PC running them will become increasingly prone to security vulnerabilities.

Accordingly, Zone Labs will cease to support Windows 98/98SE/Me with the introduction of our version 6.5 ZoneAlarm family of products including ZoneAlarm® Internet Security Suite, ZoneAlarm® Pro, ZoneAlarm® Antivirus, ZoneAlarm® Anti-Spyware, and ZoneAlarm®.

Note about pre-6.5 products:

  • Pre-6.5 products will continue to run on the Windows 98/98SE/Me operating system. However, there are a few new and advanced protection features in ZoneAlarm products that will not run due to technical limitations of this operating system. Zone Labs strongly recommends upgrading to a supported and current version of the Windows operating system.
  • Zone Labs may end services to pre-6.5 products at any time.

There are no plans to discontinue support for any other Microsoft operating systems. This announcement applies to consumer products only and does not affect enterprise products.

Nothing at all about downloading a compatible version; the only option offered being to buy a compatible operating system. Bad Check Point; naughty Zone Labs.

OK, so I use the free version of ZA (I'd be mightily narked if I'd just forked out for Pro), and the important part - the inbound firewall - works just as well without whatever bells and whistles they're offering, remaining fundamentally the same, and AYCE!

It's the excuse that narks me. It is just an excuse not to spend money on continuing support for the older systems.

But the inexcusable thing is that they don't make pre 6.5 versions clearly available to download from their website for those Windows users who don't want to throw their money at Microsoft.

Personally I can't afford an OS upgrade and am putting off getting a new computer as long as is humanly possible.

Still reading? Still looking for a copy of the 6.1 version of free Zonealarm? Or need to reinstall? Then head thee over to the software's release history page:

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Comment by Anonymous Anonymous, at March 27, 2007 5:30 pm  :

Good job Starbuck. Thanks!

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at March 28, 2007 11:12 am  :

No problem, Anonymous. Glad to be of service.

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