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[ Friday, June 23, 2006 ]

Put Me Together Again (and the alternative programming opportunities offered by Big Brother)
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I've got a theory that Channel 4 are using the nightly screening of Big Brother as tool for the public good, as opposed to it being a cynical cash cow.

They've been sneaking some good documentaries into the schedule after BB, no doubt hoping that they will adopt a fresh audience who might not otherwise switch on.

Last night's turn was "Put Me Together Again", an affecting documentary filmed over a year at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, a specialist unit in Liverpool. It followed the efforts of doctors, psychologists and carers as they sought to retrieve the lost personalities of brain injury victims.

The film focussed on two stories. One patient, Robert, was something of a character, blighted by obsessive hoarding and collecting following a stroke.

However the main story belonged to Kay, a 37-year old mother who suffered brain damage in a mugging 5 years earlier, and who could only recall memories formed within the last 5 minutes, aside from snapshots of her life from before the attack. With the help and patience of the staff at the unit, as well as the invaluable support from her daughter and mother, Kay's situation was slowly but gradually improving. Watching the family coping as best they could made me feel very humbled; it was especially hard watching the poor daughter Jess, trying to coming to terms with the grief of her mother's transformation, whilst needing immense strength to help her mother climb back. And every time her mother will then forget who she is, remembering her not as this young adult but as an 11-year-old child.

I cried.

And then I gave my sleeping wife such a hug, as I realised just how blessed my life is right now.

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