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[ Friday, June 23, 2006 ]

Operation: Mindcrime
Starbuck [10:29] Comments: 0 []
Once more Tony Blair weighs in on the injustices of the criminal justice system.

He will apparently state today that "Crime, immigration, security, because of the emotions inevitably raised, the headlines that scream, the multiplicity of the problems, we desperately, urgently need a rational debate from first principles".

But let's face it, New Labour is operated by focus group, the chief participants being the tabloid news editors.

Fear of crime is rising, whilst the overall incidence is falling (down 43% since 1995 according to the British Crime Survey). Look at the recent tabloid outrage over knife crime - all this political bluster was generated, but the actual levels remain unchanged.

It's all become so predictable as a long-term watcher of the pronouncements made by Blair and New Labour. The government is so desperate to be "on message" with the opinions of the British electorate at large that they're basically being dictated to by the mass-selling poison-seeding tabloid newspapers. And that makes me angry. Grrr.

Cue government minister Gerry Sutcliffe this week being sent to the States to look at how the implementation of Megan's Law has worked (or not) out there. Utterly unnecessary but utterly predictable, an attempt to assuage the tabloids that they are trying to do something about this state of "the British Paedoph-Isles".

In other news, today is apparently the happiest day of the year.

So smile, sing, and rejoice!

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