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[ Monday, June 12, 2006 ]

Football No Funland
Starbuck [13:43] Comments: 2 []

The World Cup continues to piss all over my nicely-ordered world.

The last few months I've been watching the rather wonderful Funland by Jeremy Dyson (invisible League of Gentleman) and Simon Ashdown (EastEnders gangsra scrive) on BBC2 late Sunday nights.

The original BBC3 run was broadcast before we got digital installed. I was gutted at the time at missing this, especially when it was nominiated for Best Drama Serial at the BAFTA's, and with good reason - it's turned out to be utterly fantastic television.

Very stylised in presentation, very dark in content, and very confusing in my head. Humourous, with only a glint of the humour gleaming through the noir.

And over the weeks I've been piecing it all together, working out just who is likely to end up as the poor desperate bastard destined to commit suicide at the end, jumping off Blackpool Tower dressed in a monkey suit (as highlighted in flash-forward during each epidose's pre-title sequence - it's more of a who'lldoit rather than a whodunnit!)

And what did we get last night?

Football Stories. Not even the football. But Football Stories.

No sign of when/if it'll return on BBC2, or whether they just shifted the final episodes somewhere obscure without clearly flagging it up.

I don't much trust the Beeb when it comes to BBC2 repeats of BBC3 shows, having been heavily burnt in the past. They truly messed up the end of the series repeat of top Criminal Defence Solicitor comedy-drama Outlaws (at least the woeful lack of a second series allowed Parklifer Phil Daniels to metamorph into EastEnder Kevin Wickes). And now that you've got me started, how they hell could they cancel Bodies?

The British Broadcasting Corporation. They're like a schoolyard drug dealer. They give you the first nine tenths of the season free, then you have to fork out for the DVD. And football is the dealer's "higher market prices" excuse. And then they steal your money. Or something.

Sorry, Beeb - love you really. Not bastard football, though...

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Comment by Blogger Fishcake, at June 19, 2006 3:48 am  :

Bodies was written by the same person (Jed Mercurio) who wrote Cardiac Arrest back in 1994. At the time it was seminal in that it portrayed the NHS for what it really was (according to my doctor friends) and was therefore thoroughly watchable. Like Bodies, it was cancelled. (You can still buy the book that the tv series Bodies was made after though.)

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at June 19, 2006 10:20 am  :

"Seminal".... set on a gynaecological ward... nah, don't bother.

Cheers for that, Captain, despite my lame near-attempt at a joke.

Btw good to see Funland back on the box last night. Phew!

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