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[ Tuesday, December 12, 2006 ]

The Habbit - There and Back Again
Starbuck [10:35] Comments: 0 []
I don't have recurrent dreams, however I do tend to have a recurrent setting for my dreams.

Most commonly this incorporates a Tolkienesque route that takes me through the picturesque loveliness of Clifton town in Bristol, before the trail is cut by the awesome drop of the Avon Gorge. From there myself and my dream's fellow protagnosists will cross the Clifton Suspension Bridge before walking the road to Ashton Court Mansion. It happened again this morning. The situation may vary, but my subconscious imagination often returns to this scene.

It may be that this flow of varying idyllic environments merging into one another seeped deep into me when I was hitting my second wind back in my Running Bristol days.

More likely is that the annual blissed-out pilgrimage that I undertook to the Ashton Court free music festival in my formative years has left its indelible mark upon my psyched-out mindscape. Man.

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