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[ Thursday, November 23, 2006 ]

20% discount at Borders and Books etc
Starbuck [17:53] Comments: 1 []
Now I don't think this is a hoax. But its still a piece of unsolicited chain spam, forwarded on by friends and family, and as such it has had a markedly negative marketing effect on old Starbuck, who resents such cynical viral practices, and has now resolved to never shop at Borders again.

"Send it to everyone in your address book and ask them to send it on to everyone in their address book!"

Pah! I urge you to join the boycott. Book-selling bastids!
Next week sees the all new 5 day Friends and Family discount event. We've doubled the number of days this fantastic 20% discount* offer is available to your friends and family - giving them greater flexibility around when they can enjoy the offer.

The key to the sales success of this activity is incremental purchases from as many new customers as possible - so the simple message is.....


Send it to everyone in your address book and ask them to send it on to everyone in their address book! There are NO restrictions on how many people this reaches - the more the merrier! This message is prominent on the coupon below - but make sure, in this age of spam, that in your forwarding message you personally reiterate that it is ok to pass it on.

For a full list of our Borders and Books etc store locations please click on

Many thanks and wishing you great experience with Friends and Family 2006.

David Roche


*off all full priced items - conditions apply, see voucher

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Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at November 23, 2006 6:20 pm  :

The Small Print
1. 20% discount only available on full priced items. 2. Only one 20% discount voucher per transaction. 3. Only valid between 29/11/06 - 3/12/06. 4. 20% Discount only valid on Paperchase within Borders Stores. 5. 20% Discount not available on Starbucks, newspapers, magazines, magazine subscriptions, gift cards and vouchers, book and theatre tokens, non stock special orders, online purchases or purchases made over the phone. 6. Not exchangeable for cash or cash equivalent. 7. Only valid in Borders and Books etc stores in the UK & Ireland. Not valid with any other coupon or voucher offer.

Borders Cashier Instructions
This is a programmed barcode. Scan or enter barcode # at any time.
'S' keys are not required.

Books Etc cashier instructions
Key dept. 20. Scan item. Repeat for all eligible items.
Ring through any other items as usual. Total and proceed.
Report sales on dept 20 to finance Dept 10 for employee discount

Not that it fucking matters.

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