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[ Saturday, November 18, 2006 ]

Quickie reviews - film and comedy
Starbuck [16:30] Comments: 2 []
Right, I've been very time-poor recently (and I've got 269 "unopened" emails - checked but not actioned - to deal with!). But I've been to see some good stuff recently.

So without further ado, here's the crappy post-event notes that I've found sketched on my mobile phone:
  • Children Of Men (official site link)
    An angry film but with a glimmer of hope. Humanity is barren, the effect on humanity stark.Utterly believable portayal of 2027 Britain - style, design, and technology different in ways that are subtle but infiltrating everything. Timely. Social policy. Britain is closed. Attitudes. Police state. Foreign policy coming home. Guerilla war on the British Isles. Some chilling echoes from modern happenings.Violence brutal but realistic. Extrapolation of foreign and home policy. Hard-going. Thrilling. Beautiful. Will live on in your thoughts and dreams. Where there's children there's hope.

  • A Scanner Darkly (IMDB link)
    Yorke: "This is fucked up, fucked up..."
    Not that fucked up, but interesting all the same. Dialogue expression very Linklater. Gorgeously treated visuals. Keanu squared.

  • Alan Carr 2006 tour
    Very funny stand-up from the likeable host of blah blah. Not Jimmy. Equalled by unexpectedly-fab support act Jon Richardson.

  • The Two Faces of Mitchell and Web - 2006 tour
    Live facsimile of the sketches already seen recently on the telly. More new stuff would've been brilliant - the crowd were subdued following sketches they knew inside out (a cheated air?). But enjoyable all the same. Still better than being in your living room. And Robert Webb's Hard Talk audience interaction set the audience on fire by comparison. The other two who weren't Mitchell and Webb were (though no Olivia Colman when we saw them).

  • Adam Hills - Characterful tour
    The best of the lot, I reckon. Or the most recent at any rate. Listen to his website, because forsooth it tells the truth: "Adam Hills is one of Australia's most talented and widely respected comedians. His unique style of positive, uplifting comedy and rampant spontaneity have won him universal acclaim, rave reviews, awards, and a legion of fans throughout Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Europe"

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Comment by Blogger birdychirp, at November 19, 2006 4:10 pm  :

A Scanner Darkly was ace wasn't it? I saw it as The Doc wanted to see it - and wasn't expecting much. Was pleasently surprised!

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at November 20, 2006 7:27 pm  :

It would've been better if I hadn't seen the trailer so closely beforehand - whenever a scene with a key bit of speech started I knew exactly what was about to be said.

Despite that, ace! Lingers in the mind nicely.

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