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[ Friday, November 24, 2006 ]

"I've been waiting for music like this all my life"
Starbuck [14:15] Comments: 2 []
Ah, this is bliss. Fished from the bargain bin, it's the Orb's seminal 1992 magnus opus "U.F. Orb", and sounding better than ever.

I'd not listened to this in well over 10 years, back before some American decided that dance music should be called "electronica", and before a ginger-haired spikey-bearded toss-bag that I used to be acquainted with nicked my copy at a party sometime early last decade. The git.

Next task - digging up the 40 minute uninterrupted "Blue Room" single. I escaped so far into that as a "young adult" that I nearly lost myself...

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Comment by Blogger Stuart, at December 08, 2006 11:18 am  :

UForb wasn't meant to much cop though was it? A poor cousin to Adventures Beyond whatever the cobblers it was. They're all rubbish really though eh la?

Gimme FSOl any day (who, you probably don't know, have a best of out, add that to your list man).

You'll be extolling the virtues of Boss Drum (again) next.

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at December 08, 2006 1:40 pm  :

"Not much cop"?

Ultraworld was just a collection of raw gametes kicking around the fertilisation chamber relative to the perfectly formed majesty of UFOrb. A perfect album. The next one was rubbish, mind, aside from a subtle Whistle sample. Not that I heard it more than once (and a little "off my head" at that, I'm afraid)

Boss Drum. Now THAT was an album. Heh.

And good to see you've got a long memory, Stu (last blogged about on 16th September 2003, and looking back, what a wonderfully naive young blogger I was!)

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