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[ Tuesday, January 02, 2007 ]

Torchwood Finale
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[The following post has been published using a small Font size so as not to alienate the less nerdy amongst you who may want to skip down to Stu's Music Round Up (nothing nerdy about that!). That said, you're reading a blog called "Viper Squad Ten" in the first place, so there's got to be something wrong with you...]

OK, so I'd long guessed what the nature of that "something moving in the darkness" which was coming for Jack would be. The "bad wolf" and "Torchwood" references seeded through the last 2 series of Doctor Who had quite sensitised me towards the writers' not-so-devious games; throw in the whole psychic suggestion thing from the Satan Pit, and voila, a SPOILER.

But as for the explanation for Jack's Comedy Hand In A Jar - of course! After recently re-viewing last year's Who Christmas Special, I can't believe I didn't see that one coming...

Torchwood has had its critics, but in spite of its inherent crackers silliness, or perhaps because of it, its been one of the most enjoyable British shows for a long time, and it just goes to show how po-faced so much drama (sci-fi or otherwise) tends to be. But I would say that, being a man with a (1) a TARDIS materialising SMS alert tone (2) a TARDIS keyring (3) a Dalek bottle opener (4) a Dalek birthday cake [digested].

And I'd say I'm actually looking forward to the next series of this spin-off series more than its progenitor - praise indeed for an old Who nerd like me!

My only fear, what with Torchwood, the incoming Sarah Jane Adventures and much of the new Doctor Who being set very much in our present times, is that monster fatigue will quickly begin to set in. When something extraordinary becomes the norm in a fictional world, it becomes harded to empathise with the wonder of experiencing that fiction.

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