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[ Tuesday, April 10, 2007 ]

Alright Sunshine
Starbuck [17:38] Comments: 2 []
I paid a visit to a darkened cinema yesterday to watch Sunshine, the new film from the Danny Boyle, Andrew McDonald & Alex "Brown Trumpet" Garland.

I very much enjoyed it too, which is just as well, still reeling as I was from the travesty that was their adaptation of The Beach [classic archive VSX review HERE]

My opinion: A good science fiction film, cheeringly straight-faced, and with a polished sheen of realism shielding the inate far-fetchedness of the story.

As is normally the case when watching "straight" sf, I can't help but sit there feverishly anticipating detailed explanations of their ship's gravity system (not explained). I guess that's my problem, not theirs.

I felt they could've done without the scary climax too, though I understand that the stereotypical cinemagoer-at-large might be expecting a little additional exterior tension from their sci-fi (like a bloody great alien). Personally I thought the whole situation was more than compelling enough, without any additional hinderance to the crew's mission getting in the way. Still, Garland's a lover of scary psycho climaxes, which all sounds very wrong as I re-read my words back and realise that I'm probably accusing him of enjoying a certain dark timbre of "specialist" film.

And I certainly hadn't been expecting the denouement, with a number of different potential storyline conclusions having been set in motion.

I can't not mention the s(t)unning visual realisations, of our sun, of its incredible energy, and its interplay with the spaceship that has been sent to bomb it back into life. I've never seen so much light bursting out of a cinema screen. The skies outside seemed much darker than it really was when I came blinking out of the cinema.

That'll have been the evening, then.

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Comment by Blogger Astolath, at April 12, 2007 9:44 am  :

I'm off to see this tonight - looking forward even more after your 'glowing' review!

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at April 12, 2007 6:06 pm  :

Hope that you enjoy it.

Mrs Powersurge found it all a bit scary later on, though with a name like Astolath and a blog formerly called CyberSatan I'm sure you can handle a bit of scariness!

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