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[ Thursday, October 02, 2003 ]

People in need of IT help, buy my unrelated goodies!
Starbuck [12:21] Comments: 0 []
There seems to be a fair few people surfing in looking for help on their problems with "MSHTA.EXE", as well as that old favourtie "IUCTL.CAB".

It's nice to feel that you may be bringing help and hope to fellow desperate people (desperado's?).

Any long-suffering Windows-users (and its always Windows-users who suffer most longly) who have popped in off one of the above search terms, just hit your within the page to find the help that you need. The archive's are over there on the left. Unless they've moved.

Or better still, read every single fracking word of wit and wisdom found herein, then contact me with regards to buying up some of our old merchandise. Unshifted VSX albums include "Silicon Invaders From Mars", Dieticians Featuring Fat's "Long Nig^ht In Arizona" is still in need of clearing, and as for the Lesbian Love Triangle Featuring The Leather Lads... nah, you might not want that one after all. Classic horror flick Hormone Hell's still available on VHS video, if you want so see me in a dress in McDonalds; however we won't be able to release the DVD (including the thankfully-shorter Director's cut) until we track down the flicking master tape.

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