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[ Friday, October 24, 2003 ]

ch ch ch changes
Starbuck [21:33] Comments: 0 []
Well then, peeps, I'm gonna be doing the big house move tomorrow. Though I'm not going to be actually moving much. Rather, the girlfriend's going to be moving loads of her stuff, and lazy Mr Powersurge is going to move his bed-side cabinet and his telly (I'll collect the rest of my stuff from my parents in dribs and drabs on the way home from work, over the course of the next 6 months or so.)

The upshot of this is, I may or may not get much chance to update the site over the next week, depending on "stuff". However, I will be picking up my computer desk from London next weekend when I return to remind my London mates that I'm actually a bit annoying and they should be glad I've moved away, so normal blogging may resume soon thereafter. Of course, sub-editors DJ Tim & comically-named "Stuart" may add their two-penneth (two penises?) to the site in the meantime. And, who knows, maybe I'll find a way. As chaos theorist Jeff Goldblum would say, when faced with Lycine-deprived dinosaurs - "Life finds a way".

And also, in the meantime, keep on checking the lovely Tam's site (always good for Total Entertainment), as well as the other good (and bad) blogs in my blogroll over there on the right (I never seem to update that damn blogroll - I sometimes mention some amazingly good blogs in the main text, but never get round to adding them to the "Other Blogs" section - I hope I've not left anyone heartbroken as a result. It's a project to be actioned upon my return; I bet you can't wait.)

Oh, and a big thank-you to I Could Have Been A Contender for the kind words, post-Flashblog. And for the picture of your dad.

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