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[ Thursday, November 20, 2003 ]

A Non-Matrix related post
Stuart [18:08] Comments: 0 []
I've seen TPWIW - very very funny. Was put off at the start, and teh falling off the wall bit is done too many times to really be funny, but by the second half I was belly-laughing like a right one. Who was your guest star? I had Miranda Richardson (cor blimey were that actually true - I've come over all unnecessary).

How can you speak of light entertainers without mentioning Emery and Everett, anyway?

RIGHT, so down to business - Mobil Station is a link between teh machine world and teh MAtrix, not between our world, surely, for crying out loud.

AND read these - what a nob - er Richards - see i can do it now! -

AND this was in a review on Ain't It Cool - whcih I thought was funny, so i'm gonna share it:

"My nitpicks of REVOLUTIONS are so small and petty that I'll only bring up one or two... The first in particular is such a surface nuisance that it doesn't even bring down the scene it is in. This is in the real world, during the confrontation between BANE and NEO. It's a very nicely constructed scene, but Jesus god... Here's how the dialogue goes...

Neo: "Who are you?"

Bane (in a note-perfect Agent Smith voice): "Don't you know, Mr. Anderson?"

Neo: "Tell me who you are?"

BANE: "Mr. Anderson, I think you do know who I am..."

Neo: "No, I don't."

Bane: "Don't you recognize my voice? The Mr. Anderson part?"

Neo: "......."

Bane: "Black suit? Sunglasses?

Neo: "......."

Bane: Receding hairline? 'Mr. Anderson.' Any of this ringing a bell?"

Neo: "That's all fine, but WHO are you?"

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