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[ Sunday, November 16, 2003 ]

Real name no gimmicks
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Yo Dogg(s), just seen 8 Mile, and as a film I can't diss the muddafrukker - I can see why people have called it the "hip-hop Rocky" - though as an emotional experience it doesn't come close to any of Eminem's records for me (being so used to previously experiencing Mr Mathers at the more "intimate" lyrics-only level). I have just one bone of contention - Rabbit is a pretty damn stoopid name. As sure as I am Starbuck Powersurge I know these things...

Interesting web-site too. Makes me want to do something constructive with my life. Something worthwhile, both for myself and for the world. Let's face it. You only get one shot, so I shouldn't miss my chance to blow. Whatever that entails.

Maybe its the kick I need to get VSX back together. Or to build on the "success" of Hormone Hell to hack and slash my way into the film industry (Douglas Elford-Argent, are you listening?) Let's face it, Peter Jackson cut his teeth on cheapoid horror films as well (Bad Taste and Braindead being the spiritual forebears to his Lord Of the Rings films), so I'm perfectly placed to direct an adaptation of... urm... the Discworld series? Or something.

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