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[ Monday, November 17, 2003 ]

Over-matriculated (SPOILERS)
Starbuck [21:01] Comments: 0 []
To my good friend Stuart, who has just carefully formulated the post below.

You git! Not the target of the main link itself (which annoyed me a tad, it almost seeming to be trolling bait for Matrix devotees at times), but for the attached Matrix discussion forums. (plus Revolutions transcript).

I was just getting my head all around my thoughts on this, but keeping it all fairly low in my mental priorities, and now I'm thinking about the smoke and mirror code making up the "real world" and the significance of Sati, and of her having perfected the depiction of sunlight from what only Trinity experienced when the ship went above the clouds, which might suggest that Trinity was AI after all, just very well encrypted so that she can't be detected as code (more cleverly encrypted than the gold-colded Seraph or the skyscraper where "every floor is wired with explosives or the machines in the "real world" that he can sense as light, anyway), and the imprint of Neo's mind being written into the reloaded Matrix, and blah blah blah...

Do you see what you've done? You've started me off again...

But I've got to say that I like the fact that the films leave me thinking, they leave me fantasing, and the stories are alive in my imagination.

What it really reminds me of was trying to get my head around what was "really" going on in William Gibson's Virtual Light trilogy. Trying to get my head around the complex concepts and possibilites that its loose-but-tight framework allowed me to formulate (whether or not the narrative really demanded it) - that was like this whole Matrix experience times ten. A lot of people didn't like what Gibson did there, either.

But then, people work in different ways. Some people want the story written already, and fair enough. That's the normal nature of these media. However, sometimes its nice to be able to write the story yourself.

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